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Investing and Trading Simplified

The innovative platform built to guarantee preeminent user experience by providing superior solutions.


Safest and Fastest

Process 10 million transactions per second. 7 times faster than Binance. Identical security protocols as NASA and Goldman Sachs.


Bitsmo Platform Advantages

Founded by active traders who were constantly frustrated by the shortcomings of the industry, Bitsmo provides innovative solutions with superior advantages over its competitors.

Spot/Margin Trading

Support multiple coins trading and highly liquid markets Support leverage trading and High-performance matching trading


Multilayered protection with anti-fraud technologies, top-level risk management techniques, and national bank-level encryption.

Fiat to Crypto

Partnered with Simplex, users
can easily convert fiat to cryptocurrency
with ease and security.

Access the market anywhere

Bitsmo app is a platform that provides safe and secure digital wallet to all users through all devices.

Strategic Partners

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