Bitsmo experts have had a quick glimpse at ‘how 2018’s been so far?’

  • 2018 has been a remarkable year for cryptocurrency exchanges and their users, so much so that an investor can whimsically buy any cryptocurrency and expect for a profit. As we embark on 2019, it’s safe to say that after an outstanding irascible year almost everybody is waiting for the 2019 sitting on the edge. Closely each of the agreed upon techniques for making the most from cryptocurrency investment has fallen flat and unless one abridged the market or effected swing trades with exceptional timing, doubling one’s expenditure proven to be a Sisyphean task throughout the previous year.

What is going to happen to the cryptocurrency explosion as expected in 2019?

Analysts, experts or hedge fund managers, nearly all kinds of retail investors have forecast 2019 to be the year of incredible gains. Exchanges are especially expected for pushing the collective market estimation above $1+ trillion dollars. While at the same time, all of these elements combined to build what actually seemed to be an unavoidable convention to new heights, and in the hindsight, we are now reviewing each of the categories to observe how seemingly attentive projections are sometimes capable of misleading.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) seemingly fell flat

Running an ICO is no easy game and unless it is strategized wisely and smartly, it will so fall flat. ICOs have always been meant to be continued as a market of trillion dollars and Bitsmo experts have forecast that Ethereum is likely to break through to a new height. Fast forward to 2019, handful of ICOs has already liquidated their funds in exchange of fiat and the continuous media coverage for this nearly crushed to a halt. Speaking of ICOs held by us in 2018, we played it quite in a manner that benefitted our investors as well as us.

Thus, before we step into exchanges this year, let us refresh our heads about cryptocurrency and how is it supposed to work in 2019 – The followings are some considerations that you’d like to take into account before joining an exchange:

Fees: Since deposit fees are the only earnings for this Online Crypto Exchange Platform, hence they are often seen varying from exchange to exchange. While some exchanges keep it moderate, some high and some keep it really affordable. You need to check through numbers of exchanges and their ongoing fee, choose the one that charges moderates yet offering a fair set of services and facilities.

Requirements for verification and security

These are essentials to understand prior to commencing with a crypto exchange platform. Most of the exchanges need some kind of identity verification, such as in the form of driver’s license, passport, proof of residence or any other similar sort of documentation right before having yourself registered.

Apart from these, there are certain more considerations that you will want to take into account and these include: exchange rates, reputation of the exchange, cryptocurrency pairs and lastly, if this exchange has ever been under cyber-terrorists’ attack. Bitsmo, as it is running in collaboration with Modulus Exchange, one of the largest and most popular exchange companies in the world, has little or no chance to lose your traded funds.

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