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Bringing Blockchain technology to those who need it most.

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Contribute to the construction of a world and society that is more transparent, fair and inclusive through Emerging Technology.



Blockchain for Humanity is an international not-for-profit foundation that recognizes, supports, receives donations and catalyzes resources to projects applying the blockchain technology on positive impact use cases.

Blockchain for Humanity


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Project Arcadia


Arcadia enables NGOs to provide peer-to-peer financial services to refugees without requiring partnerships with financial institutions or navigating of cumbersome regulatory landscapes.



Our use of funds PrincipleEvery donation received is managed by a multi-signature wallet. We use the b4Hdapp to trace the fund distribution amongsthe activities we performed in support of our mission.

Donors who wish to donate amounts higher than 5 bitcoins are required to disclose full name and source of funds. We offer a donation receipt for your records.We are committed to account for every expense, no matter how small it is.



Please Scan the QR code or copy and paste the address below to support impact projects making use of the blockchain technology. We welcome donations in BTC and ETH.

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